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Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

Frequently Asked Questions

The 12th CYONA Biennial Convention

What is CYONA Convention?

The CYONA Convention is a biennial gathering of Chin youths and community leaders to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of Chin American community.

Who can attend the convention?

The CYONA Convention is open to all members of the Chin community, including CYONA members and non-members who are interested in the organization's work and the issues it addresses.

When and where is the convention held?

The CYONA Convention is hosted in different locations and on varying dates every two years. The 12th CYONA Biennial Convention will be held from June 30th to July 3rd in Bloomington, Indiana.

June 30th
Convention Opening Night
Time: 6:00 PM

July 1st - July 3rd
Day Event Time: 8:00 AM
Night Event Time: 6:00 PM

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