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Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

CYONA Biennial Convention

Since its inception in 2001, CYONA has been organizing biennial conventions bringing hundreds of youth across the nation to engage in fun, interactive, informative, and empowering activities.

In 2023, CYONA gathered over 2,500 Chin youths and community leaders in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 12th CYONA Biennial Convention to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of the Chin American community. We are excited that we will continue to held the 13th CYONA Biennial Convention from July 3 - July 6, 2024.

Our goal is to create a meaningful opportunity for Chin youth to network, showcase their talents, recognize their achievements, and empower them to become healthy, confident, and positive contributors in society. The morning and afternoon activities consist of a formal networking event, fun friendly competition in soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and basketball to name a few. The evening program activities include keynote, short educational presentations, cultural dances, beauty pageants, music idol, recognition and award ceremony, and many more.

The 12th CYONA Biennial Convention


Experience our Biennial Convention with David Stanley
Credit: David Stanley

Your support will bring together hundreds of Chin youths across the United States and Canada, and empower the Chin-American communities.

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