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Fashion Show Competition

We are pleased to announce that the designated fashion theme for CYONA this year will be 'Red Carpet’. This year's convention seeks to showcase the creative talents and cultural traditions of our participants through the art of traditional clothing design with a modern twist. In this competition, we are looking for contestants who can showcase their unique interpretation of traditional clothing, while also pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. To ensure a fair and competitive environment, we have established a set of requirements and guidelines that all participants must adhere to. These requirements are designed to promote authenticity, craftsmanship, and professionalism, while also allowing for individual expression and creativity. We ask that all contestants carefully review and follow these requirements, in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable competition for all. This requirement applies to contestants of both female and male participants. 



  • Red carpet attire with modern twist: Contestants should have a traditional dress with modern twist attire that fits well and complements their body type. The dress should be appropriate for the event and meet any specific requirements outlined.

  • Lai Puan: Contestants should bring an unmodified/plain Lai Puan and utilize their creative abilities to design and adorn the garment to meet the competition's standards.

  •  Authenticity: Contestants must create or wear authentic traditional clothing that accurately represents the cultural heritage and significance of the attire.

  • Design: Contestants must demonstrate a creative and original design that incorporates traditional elements while also showcasing their personal style and flair.

  • Presentation: Contestants must present themselves and their attire with poise, confidence, and professionalism, and be able to articulate the cultural significance and symbolism of the clothing.

  • Originality/creativity: Contestants must submit original designs and avoid copying or imitating the work of others by June 11th to Annie S. (

  • Any slit dress needs to be at least 9in away from the waist.


Accessories & Heels

  • Contestants may wear traditional accessories, such as jewellery or headwear, that complement the attire and enhance the overall look.

  • No dangerous or sharp accessories allowed.

  • NO EXTENSION ALLOWED (only applied for female contestants).

  • Heel height: Contestants may wear between 3-5 inches

  • Heel style: No chunky/wedge heels allowed


Other Essential Requirements

  • Provide a brief explanation of your inspiration for the red carpet outfit with a modern twist and how it aligns with the CYONA theme. Please take this opportunity to share your creative vision and showcase your understanding of the competition's theme. We encourage you to draw from your personal experiences, cultural heritage, and contemporary influences to create a design that is unique and meaningful.


Fashion Schedule and Structure

All contestants are required to attend all practices and competition both nights. Please click the button below to see more details. 

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