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Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

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We focus our efforts to promote four key priorities (4Ps) and carry them out through our innovative programs.

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Our Identity

Preserve and promote the historical heritage of the Chin culture, traditions, and literature to increase awareness of the Chin heritage and strengthen ties across generations.




Provide Chin youths access to opportunities to explore interests, skills, and passions thereby empowering to set personal and academic goals towards an inspired future.



Character & Leadership

Cultivate and develop youth leaders among the Chin to lead, achieve, and inspire others to make a difference in their communities.

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Vibrant Community

Empower Chin youths to become good citizens by increasing civic engagement; improve social cohesion amongst Chin community; and strengthen relations with other ethnic and racial groups.

Our Programs

Chin Voices of Next Gen

The Chin Voices of Next Gen Program provides a platform for Chin youths to celebrate shared interests, events, and milestones. The program seeks for volunteers who can speak on a variety of subjects related to the Chin American experiences through interviews, publications, research projects, and many more.


The Leadership through Excellence, Action, & Development (LEAD) program fosters future leaders to have the curiosity to discover, the wisdom to learn, and the courage to lead through interactive activities, training, and mentorship opportunities. 

Research Internship

Summer Research Internship program is designed to engage college students in impactful research on various topics affecting our community and provide transformative learning opportunities.

Youth Civic Engagement

The YCE program is designed to increase civic engagement activities amongst Chin communities by engaging Chin youths in decisions that affect them and the well-being of their communities.

Pathways 2 Success

Pathways 2 Success program helps Chin youths to build meaningful careers. This unique program offers professional development training, hosts panel discussions and webinars, and provides internship opportunities for successful career development.

Linguistic &
Cultural Heritage

The LCH program is designed to increase cultural awareness and understanding of Chin history and traditions through the preservation of literature and celebrations of Chin culture, the arts, and music thereby strengthening Chin American ties across generations.

Summer College Bound

The Summer College Bound program increases the number of Chin American pursuing higher education by preparing high school seniors graduating in the upcoming Spring. The program guides participants through the summer, providing academic skills development, information on college admissions and financial aid.

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Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

2024 Summer

Chinland Research Internship

In collaboration with "Rochun: Pay It Forward"

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