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Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

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Who We Are

The Chin Youth Organization of North America is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the growing Chin youth population in North America, with particular emphasis on working towards the youth's individual and collective development.

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Our 4Ps derived from our deeply held

Core Values

Our Impact

70,000+ Chins

As of 2019, there are over 70,000 Chin population in the United States. CYONA focuses on providing the need of Chin American communities since 2001.

2,000+ Youths

CYONA's 11th Biennial Convention convened in Columbus, OH, attracting over 2,000 Chin youths.

25 Local Chapters

We have 25 local chapters across the United States and Canada.

About the Chin People

Who are the Chin People?

The Chins are one of the major ethnic groups in Myanmar (Burma). About 80% of Chins are Christians according to

Where is Chin State?

The Chin State is a mountainous region of western Burma, bordering Northeast India and Bangladesh.

Why did the Chins become refugees?

Since the 1960s, Burma has been governed by a military junta. Assimilation and repression of the Chin people were carried out by the military, which resulted in numerous and often violent conflicts. The junta have tried to coerce the Chins, to convert to the country's majority Buddhist faith and otherwise "Burmanize" the Chin population.   

Where are the Chins residing now?

478,801 Chins living in Myanmar according to the 2014 census. Globally, there are about 30,000 Chin refugees in Malaysia and 3,300 in India registered with UNHCR.

Today, a large population of the Chins are residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, and Denmark.

Key Events About The Chin People

Late 19th Century

The Chin Hills was an independent territory till the British annexed it into Burma.

Missionaries including Rev. Arthur Carson and Laura Carson arrived and introduced the Chins to Christianity.

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