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Image by Steven Biak Ling

Chin Youth Organization of North America

Chin Youth Organization of North America

2024 Summer

Chinland Research Internship

In collaboration with "Rochun: Pay It Forward"

The Chinland Research Internship program is a unique opportunity for interns to gain valuable experience and make a difference in the lives of people in Chinland. We believe that research can be a powerful tool for change, and we are committed to supporting interns as they work to create lasting solutions to the challenges facing the region. If you are passionate about making a difference and are ready to engage in meaningful work, we encourage you to apply to our program today.

Program Overview

Duration: 6 Weeks

Interns: 3

Location: Mizoram + Chinland


May 20, 2024

USA to Mizoram


June 28 , 2024

Mizoram to USA


Open: December 13, 2023

Close: December 31, 2023

Financial Aid

Travel and accommodation will be covered, including:

  • Round trip flight ticket

  • Accommodation + meal

  • Access to internet

  • Ground transportation

Lead Researchers

Swan Htut

PhD Candidate at Stanford University

Millen Lal Lawm Kim

CYONA Board of Director

Research Statement

The Chinland Research Internship program, centered on fieldwork along the Chinland border, aims to understand and address the multifaceted challenges arising from the 2021 Burmese military coup. Through comprehensive research and analysis, this initiative aims to shed light on the impact of the conflict on the Chin people living in both India and Myanmar.

In the aftermath of the 2021 military coup in Myanmar (Burma), which saw the democratically elected government overthrown by the Burmese military, the nation has been marred by widespread protests and escalating conflict between the military junta and the people. The military's violent actions have led to forced displacement of communities, human rights violations, religious persecution, and the displacement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). Among the affected regions, Chinland, in particular, witnessed the loss of many lives, the devastation of communities through arson, and the complete destruction of several villages and towns through devastating airstrikes. As a result, people in Chinland have been forced to leave their homes and communities and flee across national borders.

In response to this dire humanitarian crisis, the Chin Youth Organization of North America (CYONA), in collaboration with Rochun, has embarked on a critical research initiative – Chinland Research Internship program. This program is centered on the India-Myanmar border, an area of significance due to the large number of Chin refugees who sought safety in neighboring Mizoram, India. Our internship program will equip students in the Chin/Myanmar diaspora with the necessary skills and tools to conduct community-engaged research that centers the experiences of Chin refugees in Mizoram. Interns will conduct rigorous qualitative and survey research, analyze their data and report their findings to the larger diaspora community through policy briefs and community presentations.

Through a detailed examination of the lived experiences of Chin refugees in Mizoram and the challenges faced by those enduring the conflict in Chinland, our research strives to provide an evidence-based foundation for policy recommendations, humanitarian assistance strategies, and a deeper understanding of the intricate socio-political dynamics at play. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to peace-building efforts, human rights advocacy, and the protection and well-being of the Chin communities affected by this crisis.

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